Snowshoeing Mt. Mangart

Winter hiking in Slovenia

Snowshoeing on Mt. Mangart

Winter 2015/2016 did not bring much snow to eastern Alps… until mid February. We were happy to see the much missed snow, and we were even blessed with a warm, sunny Saturday morning in fresh powder. Our guests, experienced hikers from Ireland, had a great time snowshoeing to Mt. Mangart that day.



At 2864 meters, Triglav is Slovenia’s highest mountain and a national symbol. It is said that to become a true Slovenian, one must climb Triglav once.
There is more than one trail to the summit, but all of them require proper equipment and some hiking experience. We’ll give you everything you need, and we’ll be up and back in two days. We’ll sleep in a hut high up on the mountain, where you can treat yourself to the best bean soup and klobasa (sausage).

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Level: demanding
Duration: 2 days

Heads-up: Anyone who climbs to the top for the first time, is “entitled” to a spank with the rope! :)




Mangart is the third highest mountain in Slovenia. The trail takes us through alpine pastures, scenic ridges, larch forests and old tunnels, carved into solid rock. From the saddle you can see Grossglockner in Austria in the north and the Adriatic sea in the south! There is a cozy mountain hut on the saddle below the peak – a great place to visit, have lunch or spend the night.

Level: moderate to the hut, difficult to the summit.
Duration: 2,5 hours to the hut, another 2 hours to the summit.

We sometimes split the hike into two days and we spend the night in the hut. This gives us enough time to climb to the summit, or explore the area in more detail – suitable for sunset-hunting photographers, botanist etc. The hut is also accessible by road.